Perfectly Sweet: Clothing and Accessories For Your Perfectly Sweet Little Girl

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Anna McClain is the creative and crafty genius behind the brand,  Perfectly Sweet, who makes custom couture dresses, accessories, and girls for little girls made from sustainable materials found locally in Tallahassee, Florida. She derives her inspiration from her three spritely children, especially her little girl who also enjoys Anna’s creations. Anna’s designs cater to the innocent and fun nature of little girls.

My experience with Anna’s Perfectly Sweet treats  began in 2009 when I ordered a gift set of custom made felt toys for my tea party loving French niece, Margot, who was three years old at the time.  I asked Anna to create an array of French foods and a cake for Margot’s special birthday giving Anna the freedom to design and create foods that Margot could relate to as a French petite.

Anna created cheese, baguettes, croissants, petit pain au chocolats and a lovely chocolate strawberry cake with her name on it. With exceptional talent, Anna designed and constructed the set with precision and detail and beautifully wrapped and mailed the gifts straight to our front door.

The joy experienced by the surprised gasps upon which Margot opened the gifts began the barrage of  compliments on the excellent gift selection. Margot loved her food so much that she walked around the house carrying her baguettes as if she was a big girl buying her freshly baked bread from the nearby boulangerie.  Everyone kept marveling at the find detail, the craftsmanship, and the high quality of Anna’s Perfectly Sweet creations making her creations a definitively memorable gift.

Anna’s dresses are nothing short of whimsical; each design is full of southern charm and combining the hopeful and girly spirit of a princess.  Little girls love wearing her designs because they’re comfortable, fun, and adorable. What parent can’t resist seeing their little girl feel confident and happy in her own skin?

Despite Anna’s busy schedule as a full time wife and mother of three, she manages to quickly process orders and whip up new designs. How she does it is a complete mystery, but she manages to “make it work.” She’s a pleasure to work with, she keeps things remarkably simple, and she has an enjoyable, bright personality, making selecting gifts for the little girl in your life perfectly sweet.

[box type=”info”] Find Anna and her Perfectly Sweet creations at her Perfectly Sweet Etsy shop, Anna McClain’s blog and Perfectly Sweet facebook fanpage. [/box] _

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