There are a lot of Josh Simpsons out there – some good, some weird – like my best friend, college roommate, and godfather to my son. Sadly, there is only one

L.A. based comedian and actor, Josh Simpson, sought out to convince the domain holder, Josh Simpson, a glass artist who has held the domain since the mid-90s and just uses it to redirect to his e-commerce site, relinquish it over to him. When his efforts failed, he reached out many a Josh Simpson to recruit at least one to help convince Josh Simpson glass artist to let the domain go and the only weirdo who agreed to help him out was my Josh Simpson, a web designer, based out of my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.
Josh SimpsonWhile I’m sure the other Josh Simpsons are cool, I can’t help but feel partial to my friend, Josh Simpson. I’ve known the guy for half of his life and sure, he’s a little geeky, but he’s a great roommate (neat freak), dedicated friend (he co-sponsored Mr J’s green card), and just about the coolest and most useful dude to know. So, my vote is for Josh Simpson web designer.

Josh let me know about the video this morning – we talk everyday (for the last 8 years) on Google Hangouts (formerly chat) – by text because I wasn’t logged in yet. The video, although fruitless for Josh Simpson the actor, ended up starting my day on the right foot. Hey, maybe it can be a win-win situation and Josh Simpson the web developer can work on Josh Simpson the glass artist’s website. Take a look at the video:

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