Wendy Snyder’s Fresh Start Parenting – RCB Course Review

Wendy Snyder’s Fresh Start Parenting – RCB Course Review

I’m a full-time mother of a toddler and an infant right now and it’s some of the most time, energy, and soul consuming work ever. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what’s right for my children and if I’m doing right by everyone with the choices I make. We’re human – we get caught up in the stress and the fear of the moment and we make mistakes. But the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t is making the decision to create a fresh start – and that’s where Wendy Snyder and her Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB) training program comes in.

Based in Encinitas, California, Wendy Snyder, was a mom at her wits end. She had a child who, according to her, she thought was possessed: nasty power struggles, screaming tantrums, hateful words, and drama happened everyday (see the video below to hear her story). Motherhood was simply dreadful for her and not at all what she imagined, or hoped it would be. That is, until Wendy was introduced to Kathryn Kvols’ books and courses on Redirecting Children’s Behavior which is based on the principle of guiding children to be led by their own internal motivation rather than external circumstances (like spanking or shaming) and to assume responsibility for their own actions. She said after taking several courses and applying the principles, she began to understand her daughter, see her in a different light, and as a result her daughter’s behavior and their relationship went from terrifying to more harmonious. Wendy’s life completely transformed.

Wendy Snyder Fresh Start Parenting Encinitas

Wendy Snyder and her family in Encinitas, California


Wendy has a bright, exuberant energy and is totally passionate about helping families get on track. Wendy is unashamed of her learning experience and how typical her experience is with the parents she trains. Pulling from her life and relationships with her own children, Wendy candidly and humbly applies the principles of RCB to typical circumstances that happen during everyday life with children. Through her stories, she encourages parents to challenge their old paradigms of parenting and nurturing.

The Fresh Start Parenting course is build upon the framework of RCB. During a 3 day course, spread over 3 weeks so that parents can go home and practice the principles and bring back challenges and successes to each class to share and learn from. The great thing about Wendy’s training is that it works for children – from toddlers to teens – of all ages. If you sense that something’s not right with your relationship with your teen, Wendy says that it’s never too late for a fresh start.

Here are just some of the things I learned with Wendy Synder:

  • I learned the importance to take care of myself and not to feel guilty for nurturing my spirit and body so that I can be a more patient and understanding mother.
  • Wendy revealed the common reasons why my kids misbehave and how my children interact with each other and how I can foster them to make better choices and treat each other with respect.
  • I learned how to encourage my children, instead of praising them and the common mistakes we make – often unconsciously -in the things we say to our children. Wendy was really helpful on how to encourage our children and help them find self-worth rather than external approval.
  • I discovered common parenting styles and how we communicate affects our children. I discovered how I was raised – through shaming and revenge – and how it affects me now and it affirmed that I can break the cycle and choose differently.
  • I learned the principles of teaching (and being an example of) self-control – more importantly, not feeling like I have to rush to a solution when a moment gets frustrating – and how to encourage my children to take responsibility for their actions.

I felt personally affirmed through Wendy’s teaching because having grown up in a house where shame and fear were main tools for compliance I knew I wanted to do differently for my kids. More importantly, I felt that through Wendy’s guidance I was nurturing my inner child and I was able to rectify the negative experiences I had while growing up and the PTSD I endured from domestic abuse.  I learned a lot from my close friend’s parents and mother and father-in-law over the years and it was wonderful to know that I’m actually doing a pretty good job based on the principles and techniques of RCB. Sure, I’m new at this parenting thing and I have made my fair share of mistakes, but I learned to not get caught up in the guilt about them and to trust that I can make amends, break the vicious cycle, and create a fresh start at any time. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts, Wendy.

In addition to her Fresh Start Parenting classes, Wendy Snyder offers private coaching through Skype and in your home (local to San Diego) to see you in action.

Here are some helpful information to contact Wendy so she can help you and your family make a Fresh Start:

Call or Text Wendy Snyder: 619-379-9379
E-mail Wendy: FreshStartParentingRCB [at] gmail.com
Website: http://www.freshstartparentingrcb.com/
Classes: http://www.freshstartparentingrcb.com/class/
Coaching: http://www.freshstartparentingrcb.com/read-me-1/

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