My Heart Will Go On: My Unexpected Past Life Journey with Intuitive Holly Hart

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I recently had a session with Holly Hart, of Holly Hart Healing Arts, for the purposes of energetic cord cutting. I wasn’t particularly looking for any type of healing, but I was open to working with Holly because of her intuitive abilities and warm personality and out of a curiosity to see what she could “pick up” and help me, as an intuitive, tap into.

For those who are unfamiliar with cord cutting, we all have auric fields of energy through which the heart, mind, and energy connect (telepathically or energetically) to free space and people and, after certain interactions, we become energetically connected to that person or entity which can become draining on our own auric fields – presenting themselves as physical ailments and emotional troubles. The process of cutting cords and relationships/relationship dynamics that no longer serve their purpose with compassion and love encourages the client to pursue new relationships or change the dynamics of relationships to remove negative repetitive patterns and heal ourselves.

Let me preface this by saying that I had never known Holly before this cord cutting session, so she didn’t know anything about me, my family, my life, and my health. She was working from a blank slate.

Without getting too much into personal details, Holly picked up on specific areas of physical ailments on my body, like a sore shoulder, and helped me see how they connected to emotional and relationship blocks in my life. What was the most surprising was the largest energetic cord, a giant chained anchor, that I was attached to: a past life!

Titanic-New_York_Herald_front_pageWhat Holly helped me discover was that, in a past life, I went down with the Titanic. I saw myself as a tall, caucasian woman with long auburn hair standing on the deck of a ship dressed in a velvet blue dress with an infant boy in her arms who wrapped up in several wool blankets. She indicated that she woke up too late and didn’t get onto a lifeboat. This woman indicated to me that there was a ship in the distance that could have saved them but that it was a “miscarriage of justice” when it didn’t come to their rescue. Upon later research one of my Titanic enthusiast friends explained that this ship she was describing was the SS Californian which had long been debated as to whether or not it saw the sinking Titanic. I had no previous knowledge of the Californian. She went down into the freezing cold waters with her baby boy in arms – she and her baby drowned at the same time. She didn’t let go of her child until after her arms had ceased to carry life.

Upon discovering the presence of this past life and the experience, I wept like I did when Grande Mamie passed away: with a deep sense of loss and grief. I tried several times to verbalize that the baby died, but I couldn’t say the words. I was completely choked up. I kept saying out loud that I couldn’t believe that I was weeping like I did because I didn’t seek to have that kind of experience. But, alas, there I was crying like I lost someone I deeply loved…. a part of myself.

Holly Arts Healing Arts

Holly Hart of Holly Hart Healing Arts

Holly helped me to explore the impact of this past life and how it reflected into my personal life in terms of understanding the connections and repetitive patterns and feelings that I was living in this life. As soon as I verbalized them and understood my past self’s experience, I saw this woman smile at me with a sense of acknowledgement, turn around and walk away from the ship’s deck. All she wanted me to know was that I was her and she is me and that I went through this horrifying experience which will reveal more knowledge in time. I have to say, this is explains why I cried the entire time when I saw the Titanic for the first time in theaters.

The cord cutting experience with Holly Hart’s guidance was an incredible and eye-opening experience for me. I recommend working with Holly as she is a natural intuitive and an excellent communicator, with claircognizant and sentient abilities and because she can help those seeking to answer spiritual questions related to their own personal experiences.

About Holly Hart and her company Holly Hart Healing Arts:

Holly Hart is a natural intuitive based in San Diego and conducts intuitive readings, remote healing, crystal and bind rune services. She also has a degree in communications.

Contact Holly Hart to schedule a reading: Email  / 714-267-4901

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