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Leslie Portrait_28My name is Leslie Juvin-Acker. I am just like you: a curious, gentle, thoughtful, and a perfectly flawed human being. I live life with ups and downs and all around and I just hope to make life better today than yesterday for my children and yours.

I have been intuitive my entire life. Since the age of five, I’ve been contacted by those who have passed and crossed over, have been visited by angels and have seen them with my own eyes, I have received prophetic dreams, and receive information intuitively through clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudience. I lived most of my life in the closet, hiding these abilities from friends, colleagues, and family but I finally came to terms with these gifts and am ready to openly use them in service to the world.

I lived through domestic violence and emotional abuse and dealt with Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) associated to the trauma of abuse. I grew up in a Habitat For Humanity home. I worked and paid my own way through my undergraduate studies at the University of North Florida where I studied International Affairs and Comparative Politics and Sociology. I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety after having my first child and, with a lot of love and care, made my way through it! I have been through hell and made it through several times and I can tell you that if you’re reading this, you can, too.

I live in San Diego, California. I spent 5 years living in the French alps and became a French and European Union citizen in 2014. I’m a mother to two children and a wife of seven years to Mr. J. He’s a watch designer in Encinitas. Around the time I am caring for my children full time, I work as an executive and leadership coach, intuitive guide and subtle energy practitioner, LJA Coaching, and am a certified Global Career Development Facilitator and I also contribute career articles to Malakye.com. I am in the process of becoming a hypnotherapist. For press and interviews, get in touch.

Why I Write This Blog

I began posting articles on common subjects I discussed with my clients during coaching sessions. Today, I write this blog as a source of information and inspiration for everyone who needs direction in navigating their way through their lives.

About The Blog

The LiveLoveLeslie Blog has three main categories: My Work, My Life, My Passion, each with their own subcategories, making it easier to focus on a particular subject of interest.

In the My Work category, you’ll find how-to’s, advice, and relevant news articles that will help you improve your career and relationships and find the inspiration and motivation you need to live the life you’ve always wanted to live. These subject matters come from my work as a life and career coach.

In the My Passion category, read my thoughts on today’s most relevant news and events happening around the world and share your thoughts with me and other readers.

In the My Life category, you’re welcomed into my life and experience as it’s happening here in France with personal insights, videos, and stories. Laugh, cry, and explore with me as I live my life in San Diego, California with my husband, two children, and mutt.

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