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Josh Simpson video

What happens when Josh Simpson recruits Josh Simpson to convince Josh Simpson to give up Find out with this funny video.

Take A Team Management Clue From Mark Cuban

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management coaching team basketball

Mark Cuban’s offering emotional and mental support to his basketball players can inspire companies to bring on personal and professional development coaches for the benefit of their staff and the bottom-line.

A Documentary For The Punk Rocker in Dad: The Other F Word

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the other f word documentary

Has punk rock grown up? Documentary The Other F Word goes into the world of aging punk rock stars and their other lives as fathers.

Motivational Songs To Start The Day – Part 1

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positivity arms in the air

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? Does it infiltrate your brain, leaving you to whistle it, hum it, or sing it all day and even at night in your sleep? It’s been said that much of our day dreaming and subconscious thought patterns happen when we’re not even paying attention to… Read more »

Happy Mother’s Day with Lenny Kravitz’s Thinking of You

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Spend some time with your mom to reconnect today. If you can, do it more often. For Mama: Across the sea and a continent away, I’m always thinking of you.

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