As Night Draws Near: A Passionate Assemblage of Stories Told Through Movement

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Men & Juliette Themovementlab liveloveleslie

Men and Juliette

As Night Draws Near is a curated evening presented by Susan White, dancer, Extension Method instructor, and owner of The Movement Lab in Solana Beach, California. The Movement Lab was transformed into a theatrical space for excerpted performances from a variety of local dancers in different thematic pieces of modern dance art. Also featured was the photography of Oceanside, California’s Aaron Checkwood - a collection of introspective and brooding moments captured in American cemeteries entitled Flores De Los Muertos.

Traveling TheMovementLab Liveloveleslie


For me, I interpreted the evening’s collection of dance pieces each an exploration of the human experience in various times and spaces. Wherein each captured moment explored the multiple facets of the soul’s experience through different contexts and perspectives – all carrying their own individual tone, movement, and energy. I was fascinated throughout the entire evening and impressed by the theatrical and dance talents of the night’s performers.

The first in the lineup was an excerpt of Ana Nieto’s powerful original piece Men & Juliette initiating as director. Independent artists, Kenna Crouch and Lauren Peterson performed Build Up – Madness an excerpt of I Only Know (What I Don’t Know) and The Build-Up in which the dancers explore self-love and the means to do so. There was also a burlesque performance by Sweet Double D, who at seven months pregnant, continues to define the meaning of female sexuality and empowerment.

IsadoraNOW TheMovementLab Liveloveleslie


IsadoraNOW, organized and presented by Elyssa Dru Rosenberg, was quite beautiful in the choreography of famous ballet dancer Isadora Duncan set to classical music, which for me was a testament to the natural beauty of the female form in movement and the romantic, ephemeral nature of the emotions expressed through dance.

Get Down / Pick Up Company presented Traveling by Emily Miller and was quite raw and honest as a dancer’s experience of performance art and Geoff Gonzalez in Inter-Nocturn was so pleasing to watch as he danced alongside his partner in a beautiful piece set to Ludovico Einaudi which truly captures the classic essence of dancers.

All in the all, I was very moved by this thoughtfully curated and passionately performed assemblage of performance and visual art. By traveling through visual and emotional expression of form and thought, I felt myself moved at some points to tears and couldn’t take my eyes off of the trail of rainbows that followed the evening’s dancers which left me, quite simply, in awe. For dance lovers and for the uninitiated, As Night Draws Near was a must see event.




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