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2011 Books In Review Part 2 of 5: French Life

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This week, I’m sharing the 21 books I’ve read in 2011. Yesterday, I shared the books I’ve read on the subject of Edgar Cayce . Today, I’m sharing the books I’ve read on French and European culture.

Video & Photo Journal: Gruyere, Switzerland

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Last Sunday, my friends T & C brought Mr J and I along for a day trip throughout Switzerland. We woke up early and headed over to Gruyere, Switzerland where the other type of Gruyere cheese is made, because there are two types of Gruyere: French and Swiss. We were able to enjoy a tour… Read more »

Cavalaire-Sur-Mer: A Tradition In Mediterranean Tourism

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I’m sure you’ve been wondering where exactly I’ve been during my vacation. I’ve been going here for at least 10 days each year since 2009, where my French family has been returning since the early 1960s. This lovely seaside town is Cavalaire-Sur-Mer (Cavalaire on the sea), but everyone just calls it Cavalaire. Located between St…. Read more »

Want To Find A Job In Europe? Speak Three Languages

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I’ve been living in France for two years now and during this time, I’ve had the chance to look at the job listings and speak with a few career coaches and recruiters about the international job market. More than anything, speaking three languages is the key to career success on the international level. In America,… Read more »

Photo Journal: Geneva In The Spring

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In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. -Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1842

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