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Motherhood: How Do You Do It?

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My answer to every mother’s question: How do you do it?


A Documentary For The Punk Rocker in Dad: The Other F Word

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the other f word documentary

Has punk rock grown up? Documentary The Other F Word goes into the world of aging punk rock stars and their other lives as fathers.


Woman, You Inspire Me – How Mothers and Working Women Motivate Me

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working mother

My thoughts on the mothers and working women who inspire me as a mom, wife, and business woman.


Why I’m Glad I Hired A Nanny

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All of the reasons why I’m glad I hired a nanny to care for my child.


Sheltering Our Kids: How Even The Buddha’s Dad Couldn’t Protect Him Forever

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In his book Never Let Me Go author, Kazuo Ishiguro, says that children must be deceived if children if they want to grow up without trauma. Is this true? Is there another way? My thoughts on the matter.


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