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How To Set Healthy Boundaries

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Boundary setting is a vital skill that can be applied to every area of our lives. Learn how to set healthy boundaries and see your relationships flourish.

Identifying Emotional Vampires and How To Drive A Stake Through Them

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Is your energy being sucked dry by an emotional vampire? Learn how to identify them and stop the emotional drain!

Taking Relationships Lessons From The Home To The Office with PO2

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Can the relationship lessons we learn in our marriages transfer into making our work relationships healthier and happier? Find out how I was able to avoid a professional disaster with skills I learned at the Power of Two marriage coaching website.

What’s Your Positivity Ratio? Could Your Couple Be Headed Towards Divorce?

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Does your relationship or marriage meet the 5:1 ratio? Learn how Dr. Susan Heitler says how couples can determine their long term success by identifying the ratio of positive vs negative interactions in a Power of Two marriage counseling podcast. Maintain positivity, channel negativity, and resolve anger with the “good news, bad news” formula. Dr…. Read more »

Meme of The Day – How To Shower: Men Vs Women

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Check out this hilariously truthful video that analyzes the differences in showering habits between men and women. Do you see any truth to it in your life?

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