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I See A World Where Nobody Has To “Come Out”

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Gay, straight? I see a world where nobody has to “come out”.

Want More Sex? Make More Decisions Together

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Wives: Do you feel too stressed out to have sex? Husbands: Are you at your wits end about how to seduce her? A study reveals that increased joint decision making leads to more frequent, longer lasting sex.

Crazy Mother-in-law Schools Bride To Be On Manners

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Famous flower arranger, Carolyn Bourne, sent a harsh email schooling her future daughter-in-law on manners. Read the notorious email, vote in our poll to share your opinion on the matter, and learn how I learned how to integrate with my husband’s French family.

Taking Relationships Lessons From The Home To The Office with PO2

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professional business team pact

Can the relationship lessons we learn in our marriages transfer into making our work relationships healthier and happier? Find out how I was able to avoid a professional disaster with skills I learned at the Power of Two marriage coaching website.

Break The Chains of Codependence

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If you’re in a relationship or situation where you feel like you can’t let go of a person or people because you’re afraid without them you’re incapable of living, surviving, and having the life you want, then you’re in a codependent relationship. The problem with codependent relationships is that they become abusive, harmful to individual… Read more »

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