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Want More Sex? Make More Decisions Together

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Wives: Do you feel too stressed out to have sex? Husbands: Are you at your wits end about how to seduce her? A study reveals that increased joint decision making leads to more frequent, longer lasting sex.


Crazy Mother-in-law Schools Bride To Be On Manners

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Famous flower arranger, Carolyn Bourne, sent a harsh email schooling her future daughter-in-law on manners. Read the notorious email, vote in our poll to share your opinion on the matter, and learn how I learned how to integrate with my husband’s French family.


Taking Relationships Lessons From The Home To The Office with PO2

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Can the relationship lessons we learn in our marriages transfer into making our work relationships healthier and happier? Find out how I was able to avoid a professional disaster with skills I learned at the Power of Two marriage coaching website.


Break The Chains of Codependence

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If you’re in a relationship or situation where you feel like you can’t let go of a person or people because you’re afraid without them you’re incapable of living, surviving, and having the life you want, then you’re in a codependent relationship. The problem with codependent relationships is that they become abusive, harmful to individual… Read more »


How To Piss Off Your Colleagues

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Want to piss off your boss, colleagues and customers? I’ve collected a list of the nine best ways to irritate others and kill your career and how to stop doing them. That’s Not My Job One of the fastest ways to piss off your colleagues is to say, “That’s NOT my job.” In every single… Read more »


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