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Entertainment Review: Paul Holowko’s Gardening Rhythms

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Paul Holowko Host of Gardening Rhythms

Review: What Alton Brown did for cooking, Paul Holowko does for gardening. Paul Holowko takes home gardening to a whole new level with his program, Gardening Rhythms, by teaching geeks, time constrained (and cash strapped) homeowners, and anyone curious about eco-friendly horticulture smarter (and greener) home gardening.

Book Review: Provencal Recipes By Andy Brabon

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Andy Brabon’s second book Provencal Recipes was released this summer and I was pleased to recieve a copy from Andy to review the book and test the recipes for myself and for you, my readers. Set up like Andy’s first book in the French cooking series, Savoie Fayre, Provencal Recipes is chock full of culinary… Read more »

Perfectly Sweet: Clothing and Accessories For Your Perfectly Sweet Little Girl

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perfectly sweet dress anna mclain

Anna McClain is the creative and crafty genius behind the brand, ¬†Perfectly Sweet, who makes custom couture dresses, accessories, and girls for little girls made from sustainable materials found locally in Tallahassee, Florida. She derives her inspiration from her three spritely children, especially her little girl who also enjoys Anna’s creations. Anna’s designs¬†cater to the… Read more »

Hennessy & Sons: Collars For The Pampered Four Legged Friend

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Hennessy and Sons 7

Peaches is enjoying her new collar thanks to Hennessy & Sons companion accessories, a fixture in London, England since the early 1960s. I joined the Hennessy & Sons Facebook fanpage and saw their drawing for three lucky winners to receive one of their hand crafted high end companion accessories. I was delighted to have been… Read more »

The Questions Love App Helps To Answer Your Burning Relationship Questions

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No more turning to silly magazine quizzes to find out if he’s the one or if it’s time to make or break the relationship! The developers at Night & Day Studios have teamed up with clinical psychologist Dr. Elsbeth Martindale to create The Questions App, a smart and introspective tool for developing greater insight into… Read more »

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