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Sunday Scoop: Two Babies, One Water Bottle

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Here’s a video to lighten your mood, if not enhance it for those celebrating Independence Day in the US. Enjoy! Gracepoint San Diego | Kids from Gracepoint Berkeley on Vimeo.

Sunday Scoop: Amazing Little Boy Playing Dance Central Disturbia

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This little boy shows shoppers how exactly to kick butt on Dance Central with Rhianna’s dance track Disturbia. He’s even mastering the game on its hardest setting. Not sure if I could do that! Perhaps we have a future backup dancer for the world’s next superstar?

Sunday Scoop: NYC Man Subjects Himself To Crashes On Subject of Bike Safety

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This New York City man named Casey makes a painful point on the hypocrisy of NYC’s bike and traffic laws by literally obeying a police officer’s orders by crashing into everything that obstructs the bike lane. While his antics may appear humorous, but they drive a serious point home. According to NYC bicycle safety statistics… Read more »

Sunday Scoop: Drugstore Montmartre by Sarah W Papsun

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I’m not sure if today’s Sunday Scoop will give you the motivation to go to work tomorrow morning, but check out the latest music video from one of my friend’s band called Sarah W Papsun. They’re based in Paris and have an awesome hypnotic sound. This beat will lift you up and take you into… Read more »

Sunday Scoop: Rocky Balboa Inspirational Speech

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Whenever I hear someone complain about their lives, I should just make them watch this. Seriously, take advice from Rocky. Motion Typography: Rocky Balboa Inspirational Speech from Kyle Kargov on Vimeo.

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